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Of How are we actually blessed(Maybe I am?) and dinner.

Inspired by Sam.

The story of a boy who wants a HTC Touch Diamond after seeing the bidding price(RM500).
30 seconds left, RM907.50 in bid. Lucky day. Bid, and… Login please?
Fuck(i thought to myself), and rushing with my white keyboard, enter username and password.
RM957.50 is the magic number. Great, still have enough time to bid.

And RM1,000 I go…. too late by a few seconds.
The feeling of failing to grasp something that could have cost RM2,500 for RM1,000.
Dulan. (abit)

I went to search on for PDA, not being happy with the Dopod 838’s offer. Asked good Eujin, who gave reco on PDAs. HTC Viva was his wise words. Hm, what the heck.
Lowyat search Garage Sales, and

Man Faizal you are a godsend! I’m loving it!

How much better timing you could have been? Back at home just when I sms you. With a price that I can’t believe, and a product I can’t believe too. I believe!

Thank God, Sam, Eujin, Faizal. Sometimes things just can’t be rush, and I believe that time and opportunity is given by God.

On to dinner, BU –> Aman Suria, then decided to go Taman Megah to eat.
Then tried The Ship, too expensive so Tai Chao at DJ, and tried (exploring)The Cave.

The fuck!

I didn’t went online, initially it was their fault.
At the end I realized, it was mine.

How the hell I can remember the password?

From Malaysia to Ibiza, leaving at 6 June 2009.

KL –> London(Stansted) for RM1106.
London(Gatwick) to Ibiza for RM320.20 at 9 June.

From Ibiza to London(Stansted) for RM177.86 at 18 June.
From London(Stansted) to Kuala Lumpur for RM1192.91 at 19 June.

Total on flight: RM2796.97/head
Reason: It’s Ibiza, how can’t you not know?
Reason: London City
Reason: To find out how to spend my future RM30k per month income.

I’m dreaming.

This sucks.

Feeling tired. Dizzy
Hungry. Famished.
Unwell. Sick

Particularly, indigestion.

On medication.

Guy that lives on food.

What a way to get it on a Saturday night!

And I gotta study for Maths. This is just so fucking great!

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